JAOSS is an open source, object oriented PHP5 library & MVC framework. Whilst the library can be used standalone, it is designed to be used as part of the JAOSS Web Template framework to enable rapid, robust and testable web application development. The ethos of the project focusses on speed — of both development and code execution.

Both the library and the framework are — and always will be — 100% free and open source, released under the ultra permissive MIT License. They are currently both hosted on GitHub, the de-facto standard provider of open sourced, crowdsourced software projects.

JAOSS once tenuously stood for Just Another Open Source System, but to be honest ‘System’ really meant ‘PHP framework’ anyway, so now it doesn't really stand for anything at all.

For what it's worth, this site is built on the framework, though given that it's currently completely static, it really didn't have to be!

Quick Install

  1. git clone --recursive git://github.com/makeusabrew/jaoss-web-template.git my_new_folder
  2. cd my_new_folder
  3. rm -rf .git/ (the trailing slash is important - you don't want to remove .gitmodules or .gitignore)
  4. git init
  5. git add .
  6. git commit -m "initial commit"

Completing the above steps will give you a clean project template to work with, as well as a submodule which will always point to the latest stable revision of the library. Assuming my_new_folder is under your web server's document root, you should be able to navigate to it in your browser and receive the customary Hello world! welcome page.


Please see the Documentation section for further setup & usage instructions.

This library & framework are developed and maintained by Nick Payne, a PHP, JavaScript & Mobile Application developer who currently runs Payne Digital, a software development & consultancy firm.